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Healing pad eyes II

Healing pad eyes II
Healing pad eyes II Healing pad eyes II
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Healing pad for eye treatment. V2

Attention, this internet store is no longer supported and will be shut down soon!

Please do not order here in the old store anymore, thank you.
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Healing pad includes following GaNS varieties: CO2 (V6), eyes, forestry, grass, detoxification (borax), mineral 01.

It is meant to help with eye diseases and to improve bad-looking eyes.

Application example: wear a pad in front of each eye, place it in an eye bandage, for example, or glue it behind the spectacle lenses, and then wear it either at night or hourly during the day.
Furthermore, a sick organ has to be worked on in order to produce self-healing, here the simple possibilities:

Number series to Grigori Grabovoi
Gray star (cataract) 5489142
Green star (Glaucoma) 5131482
Opening third eye or clairvoyance 881881881
Squinting 518543254
Eye diseases 1891014
Nearsightedness / presbyopia 548132198
Farsightedness 5189988

Please read the numbers individually as digits.

Nearsightedness: objects in the distance are not seen.

Farsightedness: Objects close to the subject are blurred.

In the following video, you will be able to deal with these series of figures Grigori Grabovoi:
RUSSIAN METHODS - Application of numbers

Concrete exercises and precise explanations of the eyes:
NO SHORTINESS MORE! - 5 case studies and proofs!
From minute 8:30, please take a close look at the exercise, put your own hands on the eyes, and when you try to make it, simply place your eyes in the palm of your hand and then follow the exercise.

Here the GaNS varieties used with the herbs / materials used:

CO2 (V6): zinc / copper.

Eyes: propolis, CO2-GaNS (GaNS from GaNS), carrot, girsch, onions.

Waldmeister: Waldmeister spirit and calcium (eggshells).

Grass: grass, step-mothers, lavender, strawberry, beetroot, curuma, aloe vera, cotu kola seed, HeSouWu (Fo-Ti), hemp oil, MSM, MMS, EM, calcium, copper, rose petals.

Borax: dandelion, borax, pumpkin seeds, CO2 GaNS, fennel, nettle, small seedling, beetroot, HeShouWu (Fo-Ti), sage.

Mineral 01: calcium (eggshells), magnesium, MSM (organic sulfur), chia seeds, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds.

Short infos in general for all our healing pads:
-No open
-Water resistant
- balance everything around 35cm, eg. Painful body cells, fluids and much more.
Effect in many people not only physically, but also on their consciousness and even on the environment.
-content: inside a cell, impregnated with the corresponding GaNS variety, then dried, then sprayed with EM (Effective microorganisms), dadrum printed printer paper, glued with soft, water-resistant, transparent adhesive tape.
- Diameter of symbols: about 3 cm
-Size of the complete healing pad: about 4.5 x 4.5 cm

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