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plasma glasses

plasma glasses
plasma glasses plasma glasses plasma glasses plasma glasses plasma glasses
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Perforated glasses with plasma fields

Attention, this internet store is no longer supported and will be shut down soon!

Please do not order here in the old store anymore, thank you.
The current links to the new Plasma-Shops can be found here:
The eye hole glasses train the eye muscle. Through the holes the gaze is focused in such a way that you can see sharply through the holes immediately, despite eye weakness. Probably doesn't work for everyone, but it has always worked for our test subjects.

In addition, there are small 6 eye pads attached to the inner rims, which are supposed to cure eye diseases.
Here are the GaNS varieties used with the herbs/materials:
CO2 (V6): Zinc/Copper.
Eyes: propolis, CO2-GaNS (GaNS from GaNS), carrot, girdle, onions.
Woodruff: Woodruff spirit and calcium (egg shells).
Grass: Grass, pansy, lavender, strawberry, beetroot, curuma, aloevera, cotu kola seeds, HeSouWu (Fo-Ti), hemp oil, MSM, MMS, EM, calcium, copper, rose petals.
Detoxification (borax): Dandelion, borax, pumpkin seeds, CO2-GaNS, fennel, nettle, nettle seeds (small), beetroot, HeShouWu (Fo-Ti), sage.
Mineral 01: Calcium (egg shells), magnesium, MSM (organic sulphur), chia seeds, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds.

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